Flying High with The Thrive Programme


Read below for a blog post written by a pilot, who previously had a flying phobia… Rob Kelly himself!

Have you ever watched a light aircraft perform jaw-dropping aerobatics?

Death-defying dives; stomach-lurching twists and turns?
There’s something awe-inspiring and captivating – if not perilously nerve-wracking – that keeps your eyes fixed on the sky.

Driving past a local airfield recently I spent a while watching planes, which brought to mind an obvious analogy with The Thrive Programme.

People do The Thrive Programme for a number of reasons, and in doing so they learn how to master their thinking, control their mind and make decisions with a newfound confidence and sense of capability. People who have completed the Programme and started to ‘thrive’ get in touch all the time to tell us of the dramatic ways their lives have changed; the decisions or life events they have taken in their stride whereas previously they might have hidden their head in the sand, quaked in their boots or nervously given excuses (sound like you?). People find it easy to start undertaking new feats which would have been beyond them beforehand, without the skills and self-knowledge gained through The Thrive Programme.

Same with the pilot performing aerobatics… From the ground, the pilot’s skill is awe-inspiring and for most of us it is beyond our imaginations or wildest hopes to be able to perform the same feats. However, for the pilot in the cockpit, he/she was once just like you or I and had to start somewhere; little steps, careful mastery, conscientious practice. And once you’re airborne it’s much easier to put it all into practice and give the new skills a go: from the ground, it’s just theory, potential, possibility.

The Thrive Programme gets quick results but it is not a quick-fix; reading the theory is one important part of the Programme. It all starts to mean something when you put it into practice. Little steps all the way.

The Thrive Programme won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do; no loop the loops or barrel rolls, but it makes it a possibility. If you feel ‘held back’ in life, The Thrive Programme is exactly what you need to get back in control and start to thrive. If you want to hear from people who’ve done it, look at the testimonials page.

PS Great news for nervous flyers! The next addition to The Thrive Programme series of books will be ‘Beat your Flying Phobia’. Watch this space for more information. The book & audio download will be available later in the year.

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