10 reasons why The Thrive Programme works better than therapy

Better than therapy? HOW and WHY Thrive works…




  • You can work through The Thrive Programme at home, with a friendly consultant like myself, or over Skype from the comfort of your own home.
  • No referrals, waiting lists or enormous bills (even a full course of The Thrive Programme with a Consultant is cheaper than learning to drive).
  • You’ll understand HOW and WHY you are feeling better: you become the expert in understanding your thinking and emotions.
  • Overcoming a specific symptom is only the beginning: knowing how to Thrive is the way forward. Don’t be surprised if you do The Thrive Programme to overcome a fear of flying (for example) and end up changing your life in ways you never hoped to dream of!
  • No jargon, no mumbo-jumbo, no magic: plain English with a dollop of humour.
  • Thriving is about looking forward, not looking back. The Thrive Programme helps you move forward feeling empowered and capable. It’s not about the past.
  • The Thrive Programme is memorable and it makes sense. Leave your consultation knowing exactly how to apply your learning and change your thinking.
  • The Thrive Programme is quick, and works quickly. Most people completing the Programme see huge life changing results in a matter of weeks. This is in contrast to the years of therapy, counselling or psychiatric treatment you might have already experienced.
  • Anyone, anywhere, anytime and any age can learn how to thrive. Which Thrive Programme book is most suitable for you?

AND it works. We see it time and again. Read some real life stories here.

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