If there’s one thing to commit to quitting this year – quit your anxiety!


It’s easy to jump on the resolution bandwagon, and then do… nothing!

My best advice for all you goal setters this new year:
Don’t give up chocolate today.
Don’t give up alcohol this month.
Don’t give up smoking this year.
DO give up your anxiety FOREVER!

If there’s one thing to commit to quitting this year; quit your anxiety, and all the problems that come with it. You know it’s an unhelpful habit to have, you know it gets in the way of you living your life, and you know you can’t just go cold turkey! Many anxiety sufferers are wrongly advised ‘it’ is something, that at best, they can only learn to cope with, make it manageable, or fire-fight for the rest of their life. Many of my clients are disempowered by their belief that they cannot overcome their anxiety problems and associated symptoms, and previous attempts with unsuccessful therapies reinforce this myth.


The Thrive Programme knows all about the unhelpful creation of your anxieties, plus the myths your anxieties have you believe. 50,000 unmanaged thoughts a day, mean you’ve wound yourself into this, but you’ve never been shown how to wind yourself out (yet).

The Thrive Programme is accessible for all – teaching you how the elements of your control lie within your belief systems, and how this affects your commitment to change in setting your goals and aspirations for the coming year. A course of The Thrive Programme equips you with positive psychological life skills to empower you to revolutionise your mental wellbeing. You gain evidence based insight into your psychological foundations, and how they make up the roots of your personal and professional success, and easy to study course material supports The Thrive Programme fundamentals and how to effectively apply them for yourself.

You’re only 1 resolution and 6 weeks away from living your life completely differently; overcoming associated anxiety symptoms, achieving better health, happiness and success, and ultimately Thriving! What would this mean for you? Have you even allowed yourself to think it might be possible? Or that you deserve it? Make time to Thrive this year (you only need six weeks!).


Is your mental health and wellbeing worthy of investment? I certainly think so! Get in touch with me to get started and book a consultation chat today.

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