Are your beliefs due a check-in?


How to have a check-in with your beliefs…

BELIEF is more than a pretty coaster with a quote on it!

You might be reminding yourself each day that ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’, placing down your coffee cup as you read and smile. But just how helpful is such a quote? Have you ever questioned those beliefs? Is your thinking internal or external?

For my beliefs check-in, I stick by a simple empowering quote:

A belief is a thought that you keep on thinking

A helpful reminder that I have a choice over limiting and unhelpful thoughts. Now that deserves a smile with my morning coffee 🙂

If I didn’t have internal belief in myself, I wouldn’t have influence over my skills and resources. If I hadn’t learned to build my self-esteem with positive thoughts about me, I wouldn’t be cheering myself on. If I didn’t exercise a balanced desire for control, things simply wouldn’t get done! Plus, if I believed this…

…I’d be doing myself out of the credit I know I deserve for my efforts in making things happen. I’m sure that for some readers who’ve experienced wasted energy on feeling out of control, sometimes it feels like everything just ‘happily fell into place’. Though living by these beliefs, means missing out on happening to life!

Take the challenge, learn to Thrive and happen to life – Thriving means to me that even when something challenging pops up, (that IS outside of my control) I know future Louise will sort it out!

Your self-esteem as a brick wall…

Are your beliefs due a check-in? If you’re looking for help to happen to life, work with me through The Thrive Programme – get started now and book a consultation chat today.

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