Podcast: Believing in my own resilience


“If you’re in need of a pep talk this week, then this is it!” – Sarah Swanton



I was warmly welcomed onto Sarah’s podcast to chat about how I’ve become a happy, healthy, Thriving entrepreneur. Working with The Thrive Programme is hugely rewarding! I run my own business in private practice as a Thrive Programme Coach® helping to revolutionise the way we approach our mental health problems, and offering a unique course for psychological wellbeing. Having made huge changes in my own life and overcoming many anxiety associated problems as a client myself; from there I was inspired to set up practice and I now teach others how to create their Thriving success story!


…You have strengths and you have emotional resilience, and you have unique skill sets that you can use within your business, so put those to use, and don’t move the goal posts along the way…


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Beliefs are everything – take it from you, future you will sort it out! I hope you enjoy listening, and you’re welcome to contact me for feedback and questions. Here are some comments from listeners so far…



Are your beliefs due a check-in?


If you’d like help sorting out future you, get in touch. Is your mental health for your career worthy of investment? I certainly think so! Get started and book a consultation chat today.


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