A Thriver shares their “Good for you” story…

A Thriver shares their “Good for you” story…

What was going on in your life that meant you decided to do The Thrive Programme?

I approached a Thrive Programme Coach® initially to help solve a particular issue. However, throughout the course, since it teaches self-awareness and consciousness, I realized that I was in fact creating all sorts of anxiety, stress, and unhelpful thoughts. In my life, and in most people’s, there is so much going on which would be helped by the emotional intelligence taught in The Thrive Programme course.

What difference did it make to you going through the programme with the help of your consultant? 

On inquiring into The Thrive Programme I was doubtful as to whether the programme would work and was another self-help scam or not, and if not that, then I was not entirely confident I could complete the programme successfully. I was quite reassured as soon as I met my consultant, Louise. Indeed, at consultation I was told that whilst having a Thrive Programme Coach® was helpful, ultimately, it was up to me that I complete the programme successfully myself. Thrive teaches self-encouragement and self-belief, and this in turn becomes self-empowerment. That is why it is such a valuable course: rather than feeding its consultees help with continuous and expensive consultations, it gives them the tools and resources to help themselves, to empower themselves, and to go and thrive for the rest of their lives. My Thrive Programme Coach®, Louise, friendly, welcoming, and entirely non-judgmental and sensitive to my problems – it was very important to have a warm person to consult for The Thrive Programme, and that is certainly what I got. Louise was generous in supporting me and communicating with me, answering any issues or queries I had, and offering encouragement where it was needed. I left my consultation confident and hopeful for the future, and I am most grateful to Louise for it.

Did you enjoy going through The Thrive Programme?

The Thrive process, overall, is a very enjoyable one. At times I found myself doubtful as I had wobbles on various aspects of the programme, but overall, seeing myself slowly overcome my issues, become a better person, and live a fuller life, I could not be anything but relieved, glad, and confident for more to come.

Was there a key part in the programme that stood out for you? 

For me the most crucial part of The Thrive Programme was the way it teaches you to challenge and change your internal voices. These voices, whether of discouragement or affirming of self-worth, deeply pessimistic or forgiving to oneself, are an amalgamation of one’s history and how one treats oneself, creating emotions, confidence, and much perception of the world. Since thought and belief is mainly expressed through language, to be able to change this thought and language from negative to positive will completely change the way you view yourself and the world around you, and this is something that Thrive teaches so well.

And if you’ve tried other interventions or therapies before, what made The Thrive Programme different?

Before Thrive I had tried nuerolinguistics programming and hypnotherapy. These were entirely ineffective. I did not believe for one second that these interventions would work since the consultants could not tell me anything about myself which I did not already know, and the ‘hidden’ devices employed in neurolinguistics programming sessions were barely concealed and so entirely ineffective. I had never been an advocate for anything stepping in to sort out my own life for me, I always knew I should do it myself, and this is why Thrive was such a refreshing programme. In these other therapies, the therapist themselves attempted to ‘fix’ my mental problems for me. In practice, that means that, should the therapy fail, or, should its effects wear off after time, then I would be left with no tools or resources to solve my problems again. Thrive is all about the individual solving their own problems. Everyone can build the internal resources necessary to become a resilient and thriving person, and this is what Thrive teaches.


How would you say that your life has changed by working through the programme? 

The Thrive Programme has empowered me to improve my life in so many ways. I am now a much more confident, happy person. I am free from anxiety, free from worry, and I know that should any personal issue arise outside of my control, I have the resilience to resist it, cope with it, and better skills to overcome it.


What would you say to anyone who is thinking of going through The Thrive Programme?

To anyone who is thinking of going through the programme I would say this: Do not hesitate, do not be ashamed, and have faith! Emotional intelligence is something very few people are taught. Fundamental methods of coping and thriving in life are not taught in schools: it is quite likely that one’s own parents have enough issues themselves and not the necessary emotional skillset to pass on to their children. Therefore, anyone thinking of going through The Thrive Programme should be pleased with themselves for doing so and should say to themselves, “Good for you!” for seeking to better your emotional intelligence: This is what my Thrive Programme Coach® said to me, and this is what I say to anyone else thinking of going through the programme. We all deserve to have happy, and live fulfilling lives, and we all have the capacity to build the resources and skills to create one, every single one of us. So, be confident in yourself, and have faith: you have it in you to build the skills and resources you need, and to build the bright future you deserve.


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