Do you find it frustrating not knowing how best to respond to your children’s mental distress?

How can parents help their children to thrive, and create strong psychological foundations so that they can manage and maintain independence for their own mental wellbeing?

Thriving Parents = Thriving Children

This is the title of the group course I’m offering for parents! I’ll show you how this equation works best! Inspired by the teachers, parents, and young people I work with, the feedback is that opportunity for parents to work within a group completing The Thrive Programme together would be hugely valuable. Parents will learn all the skills needed to support their kids through mental distress, make a thrivey difference to their children’s experience of school, and meet their mental health needs in and out of school. With all the young people I’ve worked with, I know the parents don’t need to be in the classroom with their kids to achieve this!

I’m meeting with more lovely parents next week who are doing a fantastic job supporting their children, and recognise the importance of getting themselves thriving in order to help their children.

Check out the course details here and book yourself a place if you’d love the opportunity to be supported through the complete Thrive Programme, working within a group of parents.

Hear what other parents have to say about their experiences with the course, along with our lovely young Thrivers!


If you know a young person who’s struggling with their mental health, show the parents the course for them above, so they know what to do next time their children are in mental distress. For the same success as the young Thrivers, you or your child can work through The Thrive Programme course with me, and to get started today book a consultation chat here.


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