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A Thrivey hello and warm welcome from me!




What do I love about The Thrive Programme?

The most important life lesson I’ve learnt, is that mental health is not something that you ‘have’, it’s something that you ‘do’. I love teaching people how to Thrive by being part of a predictable programme, which is revolutionising the way we approach our mental health problems and symptoms. When my clients who’ve tried every treatment they think possible, hear about The Thrive Programme, it’s rewarding for me and life changing for them. Every person of any age who goes from believing that life happens to them, to making life happen and Thriving, is amazing!


What did I do before I became a Consultant?

Pre-Thrive Programme, I certainly wasn’t Thriving! Even though I’d achieved a degree in art history, moved away from home, worked successfully in charities and educator roles, and had supportive family and friends throughout, I hadn’t learnt how to keep myself happy. So my journey from client to Consultant has been my most valuable, by overcoming many anxiety associated symptoms and freeing up my mental capacity to allow for career progression to running a business in private practice. From this unique client perspective I continue to personally apply the programme’s core principles, projecting honesty and enthusiasm in educating individuals 1:1, supporting parents and families, and group delivery within schools and organisations.


I would love to meet you!

I help people from my main private practice location in Cambridge, and meet informally for consultation chats and sessions, offering the same for all clients on Skype. Specialising in emetophobia, anxieties and associated symptoms, and personal development, my approach is one of positivity and prevention education; empowering individuals to learn the psychological skills and internal recources fundamental for a Thrivey life. With my client base becoming younger and younger, I feel especially privileged to be engaged with revolutionising mental health practices for a new generation of Thriving children. The earlier we all learn to Thrive, the better! Check out your options for getting started with any of the unique courses for psychological wellbeing.


I gained my Thrive Programme Consultancy training under the supervision of Cambridge based CEO, creator of The Thrive Programme and author, Rob Kelly. Operating under membership of The Association of Thrive Programme Coaches (ATPC) and professional work ethic in my practice, I am able to ensure complete confidentiality as an insured Consultant. My sessions are welcome to all ages and I am certificated for full enhanced DBS disclosure. In addition I provide a safe space to include all members of the LGBTQ+ community. I regularly attend training seminars in my commitment to continued professional development, and I endeavour to keep my knowledge of current practice up to date, to best help and empower you to Thrive.


Thrive with Louise

Thrive with Louise

Thrive with Louise

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