Applied Positive Hypnotherapy Cambridge

Applied Positive Hypnotherapy Cambridge

Applied Positive Hypnotherapy (APH) is a specialist form of hypnotherapy, combining insights from clinical hypnosis and positive psychology, and is underpinned by scientific research.

Hypnosis that is utilised in a way which helps facilitate an internal locus of control for the client, is much more beneficial than the result of the common expectation that hypnosis will ‘do something to me’. APH encompasses empowerment and feeling in control; developed to be congruent with the core principles of The Thrive Programme.

During a session of APH, hypnosis is used ultimately to help provide relaxation and to reduce anticipatory anxiety. It can also help you to visualise and rehearse successful outcomes in your life, and to regain a sense of power and control over difficulties you may be experiencing. Nevertheless, dependant upon specific presenting symptoms and goal orientation, (which will be discussed during an informal prior meeting) APH may not be deemed necessary. In which case, the alternative Thrive Programme option can be explored.

The success of The Thrive Programme is due to its innovations in self-awareness and encouragement of self-efficacy, which help the client not only to Thrive, but to sustain a Thriving attitude. So cognitive insight and understanding needs to be obtained prior to any activity; whether that activity encompasses techniques or hypnosis. As to focus solely on techniques alone, will not provide relevant clarification for inducing permanent change.

Most psychological symptoms and problems are underpinned and maintained by the individual’s limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking styles, and can therefore only be resolved by addressing and changing the thinking styles used to create them. Hypnosis does not often achieve this alone, so exploration of psychosomatic elements when conquering and reducing symptoms, is best accompanied by establishing an internal sense of power and control.


If you would like to find out more about the ethos behind Applied Positive Hypnotherapy Cambridge, or The Thrive Programme, please contact me for a chat.

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