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“Although I always saw myself as a “glass half full” person I had also suffered a lifetime of low self esteem which I had attributed to my struggles at school. I really thought I was thick. I was bullied too, assuming this took place because I can’t cut it at school. As an adult I was diagnosed with dyslexia but by then (my mid 30s) the damage had been done. Or so I thought!!
I had, throughout my adult life felt a fraud and a fake and that at any time I would be exposed as the idiot I thought I was. So when I started the Thrive Programme with Louise and she explained that my self esteem was not linked to the past but actually linked to the present it had a profound effect on my confidence and how I saw myself. It was like a weight had lifted off my shoulders.

Early in the programme I began to acknowledge daily my accomplishments, to really stop and think about what I had achieved and how good that made me feel. I felt better, much better, even after one session. Louise had given me hope at that first session that my life could be so much better and importantly that I had control over my life. I was very surprised to discover how much of an external thinker I was, but making that discovery was a bit of a light bulb moment because I knew I could challenge and change my beliefs.
With my hand on my heart I can honestly say, I no longer suffer from low self esteem which I think is incredible!! I also realised that my relationship with my husband had become very destructive and I could now identify we were both very different in our outlook and always had been and just clashed, we seemed to be as different as black and white. It was very tempting at this point to throw the baby out with the bath water, I nearly did. I asked for a divorce. So far we are trying our very best to bridge the gap in our thinking styles so we can compliment each rather than criticise. We still have a long way to go, but I believe people can change, I did, so anything is possible. I really enjoyed my weekly meetings with Louise, I always came away almost light-headed with enthusiasm and joy. “Carpe Diem” I would say to myself when I left. I still do. I wish everyone took part in the Thrive Programme I really do, and like the wonderful friends who recommended it to me, it changed my life in such a profound way. I will always be eternally grateful to my friend for recommending it and to my lovely consultant Louise. Who is a life embracing shining light! I can’t thank you enough.”
Tammy, Cambridge

“Louise really helped me at a time in my life when I had lost a lot of confidence. I had been through the loss of a parent through suicide and then an abusive marriage. The marriage dynamic – which was one where my husband wanted to control me and defeat me at every turn – made it difficult to recover from my illness. I finally mustered the confidence to end my marriage even though I was still on a lot of medication. Then I found a job and this felt like progress. However, my boss was overly controlling and her behaviour was destructive. This reminded me of the abusive situation I had endured with my husband.
I contacted Louise and she spent time with me helping me to visualise what success would look like for me in my work life. I soon secured an interview for a new job and Louise helped me to prepare for the interview, working with me on visualising positive outcomes and believing in myself. She helped me to visualise and rehearse outcomes as I wanted them to be – positive and going my way – rather than what I feared might happen.
I now have a new job – which I love – and I am living with and supporting my son as a single mum.  And I am enjoying life. And I feel proud of what I have achieved.  I am also grateful to Louise for her positive input at key points. I know I have more work to do as my behaviour at work now is slightly cautious and hesitant because of the nasty experience I had with my last boss. I know that I need to stand up and be counted more – and really own my role – rather than worrying about the reactions of others.
Louise is a deeply empathetic natural listener. She just ‘gets it’ and I know I can contact her to help me finely tune my resources. A wonderful, mature, professional and insightful person. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to Thrive.”
Helen, Cambridge
“I contacted Louise to help my 13 year old son manage his fear of flying a fortnight before our holiday departure, as he was so stressed he was not able to eat or sleep after the news of the impending flight.

Although we were only able to meet for two sessions prior to departure, Louise was able to successfully help him manage his thinking and show him that he could control his catastrophic thinking – which was bad to the point where he had said he would “rather die” than get on a plane.

He was very calm on the day of the flight and was able to relax throughout the journey, so much so, that he enjoyed playing some games with his sister and listen to his favourite music.
Prior to meeting with Louise, my son had said that he would not enjoy the holiday as he would be worrying about the return flight while we were there. This was not what happened at all. He did not at any time during the holiday mention the flight home, which like the outbound flight he was able to cope with very well. As a parent, I was very sad to see my son so distressed, so thanks to Louise we were all able to enjoy a  family holiday together. So who knows where we will fly to next time!”
Jenny, Newmarket

“I decided to go through the Thrive Programme thanks to Louise who informally illustrated to me the philosophy behind it. In the past, I had striven to face my fear of flight. However, nothing really had helped me and all apparent solutions were inconclusive. Louise pointed out to me the book ‘Fly Happy’. I bought it. In the beginning, Louise gave me very good tips to maximise my involvement in the readings and exercises. At the end of the programme, which I conducted by myself keeping in mind Louise’s effective hints, I achieved more than I’d expected and hoped. In particular, I got to understand the subtle mechanisms of self-sabotage I was unwittingly enduring in almost all aspects of my life. Now I am much more aware of the great power I have over myself and the reality I create with my choices. I also acquired practical tools to enhance such power. As a targeted result, I think of every flight as an exciting and positive experience that will open for me new and pleasant experiences. Therefore, I unreservedly recommend ‘Fly Happy’, as I have already done to close friends who want to overcome the same fear of flying. More importantly, I want to thank Louise who is a great Thrive guide!”

Francesca, Cambridge


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Thrive with Louise

Thrive with Louise

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