The Thrive Programme Journal

The journal is your Sat Nav on the road to success!


The Thrive Programme A5 Journal is specifically designed to accompany any of the workbooks from the Thrive series. Carol Dweck’s work on nurturing a growth mindset promotes setting yourself learning based goals over performance based goals, and research by Dr. Gail Matthews shows that writing and documenting goals in a journal, increases the likelihood of actual achievement by 42%.

In learning how to Thrive and work toward emotional wellbeing, goal setting features as an important factor, and the journal provides an easy way to document your success. Imagine driving on a journey from Cambridge to London, if you continue in the same direction, making consistent progress as you go, you know you will eventually arrive at your destination. Now imagine your journey to health, happiness and success using the same metaphor; The Thrive Programme journal provides your Sat Nav on the road to Thriving!

The video below explains more about how to use the journal effectively and make your route to Thriving simple, more predictable, and ultimately more successful.



You can buy your own copy of the journal from me, also available on Amazon. Alternatively, book a consultation chat with me to ask about any of the workbooks in the series.






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